About Us

What is Feres?

We assume that you know about ride share apps, but you may not have heard of Feres. Feres mostly operates in Ethiopia. Planning to drive East Africa Forward through innovation, grit and a commitment to outserve. We do this by solving real-world problems that over whole people face across the region. When you join Feres, you join us on our journey to:
1- Design products and services that are affordable for people all income levels.
2- Create income and business opportunities for all our partners.
3- Create a trusted platform of services with high standards on safety and information security.

Reliable fare price

Feres gives you piece of mind in knowing that any delays will not increase the price of the ride.

Licensed by Local Authorities

Your Feres ride is legal and protected by local authorities.

Plenty of nearby drivers.

The highest chance of getting a taxi coupled with a shorter waiting time when booking through Feres.

Multiple Payment Options

Weather you pay by cash or with mobile money, Feres has several payment options for you.



  • Capacity: 4 seat
  • Model: 2001 and above
  • City authority certified
  • Accepts Ebirr or Corporate Account payment


  • Capacity: 7 seat
  • Model: 2001 and above
  • City authority certified
  • Ideal to transport people and luggage
  • Accepts Ebirr or Corporate Account payment

English Speaker

  • Capacity: Both 4 & 7 seats
  • Model: 2001 and above
  • City authority certified
  • Accepts Ebirr or Corporate Account payment
  • Vetted English speaking drivers with deep know how of city setting
  • highly professional and courteous to your needs

How it Works

Choose car type

Set up your pick up location with one tap and choose your preferred Feres service.

Meet Your Driver

Track your driver on the way. We will share with you details of the car and the driver.

Pay how you want

Pay by Mobile money, Cash, Credit Card or use your Feres rewards.

Rate your driver

Please let us know your experience. By rating, you are making the next ride better.


Contact Us


Getu Commercial Business Center, Airport Road,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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